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alt.religion.scientology Denial of Service Attack exposed!

Alt.religion.scientology critic guilty of denial of service attack involving hundreds of forged cancelation messages.

Recently, hundreds of pro-Scientology messages disappeared from alt.religion.scientology at, victims of forged cancellation messages by an unknown source in a cheap attempt to deny service to anyone who happened to voice opinions favorable to Scientology.

The culprit has been identified as David Rice ("Shy David"), one of the critics who posts regularly on a.r.s.

When he was caught, his account was canceled by his ISP, but that is not the end of the story. His actions are still under investigation and new information is released every day.

I am starting this page to keep track of the exposure of this denial of service attack so that there is a place where messages about it from a.r.s. can be posted where they cannot simply be canceled by a critic who doesn't like them.

Read the following exchanges on a.r.s.

From: (Null)


Subject: Shy David lost his KTB account due to complaints

Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 21:37:51 GMT

The account has been terminated.


From: 1Anti&#8209;Cult* &#8209; <>

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Subject: Re: Sincere apology to Homer Smith

. . .

Hey, you keep your brother under control instead of bother with what I

do or not do. He's been issuing 1000's of rogue cancel messages over the

last months, (perhaps even longer), he also tried to hide them with some

not so clever path editing.

I guess Jason Kong at KBT managed to cross reference his access logs

with the cancel logs, and we all know what happened after that.



On Sat, 09 Sep 2000 14:02:33 GMT.

In Message&#8209;ID: <>

From: FRice@SkepticNOSPAMTank.ORG (Fredric L. Rice).

Organization: The Skeptic Tank.

Wrote on the subject: Re: Shy David lost his KTB account due to


> (Null) wrote:


>> The account has been terminated.

. . .

You call Jason Kong at KBT, and say that you're the brother of the rogue

canceller. Yes, he got the full cancel log now, and there is no problem

to comapre them with his access logs.

You can stop spinning like a scientologist now. Your brother was found

out to be a censor asshole, and nothing you say or do will change that.



From: 1Anti&#8209;Cult* &#8209; <>

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Subject: Re: Where is Fredric Rice?

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 18:19:59 +0200

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:35:10 &#8209;0700.

In Message&#8209;ID: <>

From: barb <>.

Organization: Pacific Bell Internet Services.

Wrote on the subject: Re: Where is Fredric Rice?:

> wrote:


>> On 10 Sep 2000 07:07:06 GMT, J. R. Ford <> wrote:


>> >On Sat, 09 Sep 2000 20:20:40 &#8209;0700, Saint Xine <>

>> >wrote:

>> >

>> >>On Sat, 09 Sep 2000 22:26:52 &#8209;0400, <> wrote:

>> >>

>> >>>Fredric, you've been awfully quiet about your brother's account cancellation.

>> >>>Are you part of his crime syndicate? Or do you just plan to take the fifth?

>> >>

>> >Actually, I read a post a little while back that from ShyDavid that

>> >said he was going to cancel his account and start another one in an

>> >attempt to find out who was trying to masquerade as him.


>> I think that plan was scrapped when he saw his reflection in the medicine

>> cabinet mirror while shaving this morning.


>Well, that was a stupid thing to say! Izzat your best shot? Tsk, tsk.

>Sad, really.

Drop it. ShyDavid is guilty as charged. Jason Kong at KBT would have no

problem to find him, from his access logs, and the cancel logs that he's

been provided with.

It's no doubt that ShyDavid was a censorous asshole, and that he tried

to hide it too, with some not so clever path editing.




Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,;abuse.usenet,

Subject: Re: Plight: What do you know? (Answer: Not much)

Date: 9 Sep 2000 12:29:17 &#8209;0700

In article <>, ptsc says...

>On 9 Sep 2000 02:01:43 &#8209;0700, wrote:


>>(Was: PTSC: What do you know?)


>>On Sat, 09 Sep 2000 01:10:42 &#8209;0400, (Bill Cole) wrote:


>>>Homer intentionally allowed world posting access to news2. He made a

>>>conscious decision some time back to enable cancels there as well. Unless

>>>he is far dumber than he has shown signs of, he knew full well that abuse

>>>of that openness was possible, and I believe I've seen him discuss the

>>>problematic issues of third party cancels and the ethical compromises

>>>involved. In short: Homer chose to open his systemn to possible abuses

>>>that he did not expect to happen, and frankly I'm rather surprised that it

>>>happened this way as well. It's not like there aren't hundreds of other

>>>less carefully managed open news servers to inject bogus cancels through.

>>>The strongest support I see for Shy David's claim of innocence is in fact

>>>that this looks far dumber about how news works than I believed him to be.


>>So its really Homer's fault that David Rice is a deceitful liar? You are a

>>remarkably autocratic windbag, Bill Cole. A long term critic on ars sets

>>himself up as censor, one that you practically endorse&#8209; and its obvious what

>>your position is on *special* content cancels&#8209; so you start with your inexpert

>>spin control.


>You know what, you are pathetic. The psych spew you morons have been blasting

>into ars to distract from the crimes of your cult is often only a

>hair's&#8209;breadth from cancellable,

Considering this consensus you pretend to represent actually consists of

fanatical collaboration between you, Arnie Lerma, William Barwell, Warrior,

David Rice and Bill Cole and perhaps a few other unnamed co conspirators your

boast resolves to an unfulfilled longing. This is proven by the fact that Rice

had to resort to tactics that even you are forced to condemn not because you

disagree but because Rice got caught.

Your select group may consider ars a private playground for critics where

flights of fancy support nearly any justification to claim censorship rights.

However you still haven't been able to extend your third party cancel powers to

include discretionary privileges to dictate content in an unchartered alt.

newsgroup. Not that you haven't tried but its still no sale.

>and you play the technicalities like a fiddle after five years

>of always ramping up to cancellable levels eventually when your shit is

>tolerated. It has taken literally years of work spanking you pathetic cretins

>to get you to stop actively launching huge DOS attacks on the group.

Check back with the real world again. You speculate and libel with abandon

because you are an anonymous deadbeat. On the other hand when it comes to what's

on the record, copyright cases have been won in real world courts and critics

here have been ordered to pay real damages. What have you got on the other side

of the ledger? Nothing. Despite all the haranguing after all these years you

still have nothing. Why? Because there was nothing in the first place. Your

Usenet crime theories read like, "Col. Mustard in the dining room with a lead